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Yogi reviews medical infrastructure in Ayodhya

By NS Desk | CoronaVirus Updates | Posted on :   25-Jul-2021

Lucknow/Ayodhya, July 25 (IANS) Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Adityanath on Sunday reviewed the medical and health infrastructure in Ayodhya in view of the expected third wave of the Covid pandemic.

The chief minister visited the Raja Dashrath Medical College in Ayodhya and inspected the facilities available for treatment of Covid patients. He also went for the on-ground inspection of the recently installed Oxygen Plant and reviewed the other healthcare available for Covid patients.

The chief minister also asked the district administration to formulate a detailed action plan to check any further spread of the virus.

While addressing the media during his visit, the chief minister said, "Medical colleges are important institutions for better, superior and special health care facilities. But in the last 70 years, the state had only 12 medical colleges. The present government has either built or sanctioned 32 medical colleges. There are no medical colleges in 16 districts. We are planning to set up medical colleges in these districts on PPP model before December."

He further said, "UP has made progress from getting the first Covid test conducted from the lab at National Institute of Virology, Pune in 2020 to becoming the leader by conducting maximum Covid tests. Testing is the backbone of checking transmission of the virus."

Yogi Adityanath said that the centre and state governments were 'committed to restoring Ayodhya to its ancient glory and importance'.

"Ayodhya offers an amalgamation of spirituality and tourism and the state government is working with dedication for its development. Ayodhya will shine globally as lakhs of devotees and pilgrims will visit the city in the time to come," he added.



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