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Shruti Seth undergoes emergency surgery

By NS Desk | CoronaVirus Updates | Posted on :   29-Dec-2020

Mumbai, Dec 29 (IANS) Actress Shruti Seth has undergone an emergency surgery and urged everyone to not take health for granted. 

Shruti posted a picture on Instagram, lying in a hospital bed with a long caption post to accompany it.

She wrote: "Stay in the moment: @dontpanic79. So 2020 managed to give me and my family a last jolt, with me ending up in an emergency surgery. All my Christmas and new year travel plans have been suspended and here I am just giving thanks for averting a major health crisis."

"I guess I hadn't really learnt the lessons I was meant to; but now I have been schooled.        Sharing my learnings:  -DO NOT TAKE YOUR HEALTH FOR GRANTED. EVER! - Hospitals make you realise that beneath the vanity, the ego, the personality & the life experiences, we're all just biology - Food is a drug just for the brain; the body can survive on a glucose drip -- and I love food and I missed it so much," she added.

Shruti said that even the "most basic bodily functions are the work of some incredible engineering so be grateful for just being able to open your eyes every morning or being able to fall asleep at night".

"Be good to your body so it can't return the favour when you need it - count your blessings and hold on to people who love you and genuinely care about your well being," she further stated.

"I actually have physical scars to remind me about the uniqueness of the year gone by. And I hope they remind to always say thanks!  I'm sending all of you tonnes of love and positivity for the new year. May it treat us kindly. Wishing everyone a Happy New Year.  P.S: Even though I may not know many of you personally I'm thankful for your love and blessings. Always!" she concluded.



NS Desk

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