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Shortage of needles, Covid vaccination in Kochi stops

By NS Desk | CoronaVirus Updates | Posted on :   16-Aug-2021

Kochi, Aug 16 (IANS) The vaccination drive by the Kochi corporation suffered a setback after a shortage of needles took place on Monday.

On one hand, the state is leading in the daily number of Covid positive cases and also the highest daily number of active cases, Covid vaccination drive was affected at the Kochi Corporation when the shortage of needles happened leading to cancellation of the vaccination camps.

As the vaccination stopped, the Congress protested accusing the state of inefficiency.

The state is on a massive vaccination spree as it has been proved the only way to contain the raging Covid in the state is through quick vaccination, and it is at this point of time that this has happened. The Congress was quick in criticising this and took out a protest here.

A voice clip of the Kochi Mayor to councillors has gone viral, which says that 'since there is a shortage of needles not just at Kochi, but across the state, the planned mass vaccination camp slated for Monday might not take place'.

The Congress workers took to the streets here protesting against what they call was the total inefficiency of the state and local authorities and wanted an answer for the callous attitude of those concerned.



NS Desk

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