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Only 5.35% fully vaccinated in Punjab

By NS Desk | CoronaVirus Updates | Posted on :   26-Jul-2021

Chandigarh, July 26 (IANS) Just 5.35 per cent people in Punjab have got both doses of the coronavirus vaccine, state Health Minister Balbir Singh Sidhu said on Monday.

He said the state has been able to vaccinate 94,79,351 people, out of which 77,16,433 have received the first dose and 17,62,918 completed their vaccination with both doses.

Sidhu said Punjab has been receiving less supply of vaccine and he been urging the central government to expedite the vaccine supply so that the state can safeguard its population by vaccinating them with both doses of the vaccine.

To avoid a third wave of Covid-19 apart from health infrastructure, vaccine supply needs to be ramped up by the Union government so that entire population can be covered, the minister said in a statement.

Amid fear of the third wave, the state government has been gearing up to tackle an anticipated load of patients, he said.

The Health Department has strengthened the health infrastructure with the enhanced bed capacity, 9,000 oxygen concentrators, 75 pressure swing adsorption (PSA) oxygen generation plants have been added in a short span of time.

Commenting on the fourth sero survey conducted by the ICMR in four districts of Punjab, the Health Minister said 63.15 per cent of population had Covid antibodies and amongst the healthcare workers 83.25 per cent had antibodies.

Out of these four districts, Ludhiana had the maximum positivity of 71 per cent among the general population.

Sidhu said as per the survey the state has much higher number of cases than the number reported. Considering the high prevalence of Covid among the population, he appealed all to follow appropriate behaviour till the entire population is completely vaccinated with both doses.



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