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Novel campaign in MP against Covid-19

By NS Desk | CoronaVirus Updates | Posted on :   24-Dec-2020

Dhar (Madhya Pradesh), Dec 24 (IANS) A novel campaign against Covid-19 is gaining momentum in Madhya Pradesh's Dhar district to encourage people to use masks as large mask-shaped banners with messages have been installed at public places.

Breaking the chain of coronavirus is a big challenge and for this the public is being advised to practice social distancing, use masks and frequent hand washing. Prime Minister Narendra Modi called for a mass movement against Covid-19, due to which many government organisations have responded.

UNICEF working with the district administration in Dhar district, has launched this unique campaign, with large mask-shaped banners carrying messages on ways to avoid coronavirus.

Dhar District Magistrate Alok Singh is doing everything possible to speed up this campaign. In this connection, a meeting has been held with the representatives of religious leaders and they were also asked to cooperate.

From the public squares in Dhar district to the ramparts of the fort, these banners attract everyone's attention with their messages reaching the people. People are being informed that the way to avoid coronavirus is a mask because the mask is the vaccine till the real vaccine comes. The police are also taking action against drivers who are without a mask.



NS Desk

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