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Making the world a happier place, one post at a time

By NS Desk | CoronaVirus Updates | Posted on :   11-Aug-2021

<br>Neena Gupta<br> <br>Ever since the actor's post asking for work went viral, there's been no looking back for the 62-year-old -- successful movies, power-packed performances and even an autobiography that's become everyone's favourite read. Gupta's social media posts are an insight into exactly who she is -- natural, funny and sassy. From her captions to her take on fashion and other life situations, her humour is intact.

Neetu Kapoor

She's effortless, unstoppable and probably looking her best right now. One can follow Kapoor for her immaculate style, workout inspirations and all things Bollywood. Of all the yesteryear actresses, Kapoor is the most active on social media, for all the right reasons!

Vinita Chaitanya

For any design and decor enthusiast, celebrity interior designer Chaitanya's social media is the mood board of your dreams. Beautiful pictures captured during her morning walks, conversations around interior styling and of course a glimpse into all the incredible work she does is on view on her handle. Based out of Bengaluru, she keeps her online space colourful and inspiring.

Poonam Sapra<br> <br>The Internet's most loved desi-mom, Poonam Sapra has a very interesting social media handle -- 'mother with sign'. From happy and motivational messages to 'Things that Indian moms say', this social media influencer is trying to make the world a happier place, one post at a time. Sapra's heart-warming content will inspire many to click the follow button.

Anjali Kumar

Maitri, an online community that talks about everything related to women's health is run by Anjali Kumar. She actively addresses issues related to PCOS, menstruation, pregnancy, self-care and many other topics that are often not spoken about openly. From tackling health problems to rocking headstands, this 50-something gynecologist is a super influencer.

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