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Lucknow to vaccinate 75K people in a day

By NS Desk | CoronaVirus Updates | Posted on :   01-Aug-2021

Lucknow, Aug 1 (IANS) Lucknow will set a new record on Tuesday when 75,00 people will receive a Covid vaccination in a single day.

If achieved, the target would be three-times the record of highest Covid inoculations in a day in the district.

According to a health department spokesman, special camps will be organised in housing societies, apartments, residential colonies, government and private offices, markets and places of worship to achieve the target.

Health officers are coordinating with resident welfare associations, companies, traders' associations and religious heads. These camps will be in addition to the vaccination centres being run at district hospitals, medical education institutes, community and primary health centres and private hospitals.

District immunization officer, Dr M.K. Singh said, "Special camps will arrange logistics, while we will provide inoculators. We have around 650 vaccinators apart from observation staff and data entry operators. A vaccinator can inoculate around 150 people in a day."

The decision has been taken by the state government considering the demands of the resident welfare associations, government departments and private companies to organise special camps for their people.

"Vaccines will be stored at our health centres and will be delivered to special camps in the morning. The drive will run from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. People can simply walk-in with a government recognised identity card for on-the-spot registration," said Dr Singh.

The existing centres will continue with the format of catering to both who come after booking the slot or prefer on spot registration.

"We have placed the demand for over one lakh vaccine shots, of which 75,000 doses -- 67,000 of Covishield and 8,000 Covaxin -- will be used on Tuesday," he informed.

"At Sadar Gurdwara camp, 4,000 people will be vaccinated on Tuesday. So far, 25,330 people have been vaccinated here," said president of the Sadar gurdwara committee Harpal Singh Jaggi.



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