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Kerala has to live with Covid as Vijayan mulls opening up

By NS Desk | CoronaVirus Updates | Posted on :   04-Sep-2021

Thiruvananthapuram, Sep 4 (IANS) Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan on Saturday dropped enough hints that Covid has now more or less become part of one's life and the need of the hour is to ensure all are vaccinated and go forward observing Covid protocols.

He was speaking to the media and conveyed the impressions of health experts from various places who took part in a meeting called by him a few days back who opined that economic activity has to go forward and the government is speaking to a wide cross sections of people on how to go forward.

"The experts pointed out that one need not be worried of the figures and all of them pointed out that it was only Kerala which did proper testing. When it came to deaths, Kerala had the least when compared to other states," said Vijayan.

He said statistics now proves that even though there was a feeling that there might be a surge in new cases after the Onam festivities, such a thing has not happened.

"A comparison of figures between August 14 and September 3 points out that while the number of positive cases increased, those getting admitted to the hospitals has come down. These are good signs," said Vijayan.

"We will now again meet on Tuesday to finalise things and until then the present night curfew will continue and so would tomorrow (Sunday) be observed as a lockdown day across the state," added Vijayan.

He also pointed out from now on every person in the state has to play the role of a Covid warrior and from now on, anyone who breaks Covid protocols while in quarantine would be dealt with seriously.

"Only if a Covid positive person has independent bathroom facilities and with no co-morbidities will be allowed to observe home quarantine and the family will have also to quarantine themselves. If there is any breach of the protocols, then such people will have to undergo paid quarantine at a government centre," said Vijayan.

He said on Saturday, 29,682 people turned Covid positive after 1,69,237 samples were tested in the past 24 hours and the test positivity rate was 17.54 per cent.

A total of 25,910 people turned negative and the total active cases stand at 2,50,065.

There were 142 Covid deaths and the total death tally rose to 21,422.



NS Desk

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