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Gurugram: Rapid response team to keep track on death of birds

By NS Desk | CoronaVirus Updates | Posted on :   10-Jan-2021

Gurugram- The Gurugram animal husbandry and wildlife department has constituted a rapid response team to keep track of the death of birds across the district after several bird flu cases were reported at a poultry farm in Panchkula.

The team comprises 12 members. Meanwhile, all the animal hospitals in the district have been instructed to be in constant touch with the poultry farm, officials said on Sunday.

The Wildlife team also visited Sultanpur National Park and Najafgarh where no birds were reported dead, officials added.

According to the officials, the rapid response team was constituted under the leadership of all veterinarians which includes a compounder and two class IV staff along with a doctor.

The Animal Husbandry department has made three-level preparations to battle the bird flu.

The department is primarily focused on poultry farms.

According to the sources, the district has more than 40 poultry farms with an overall of nearly 50,000 chickens. However, in many poultry farms in the district farming is being done only for eggs.

The wildlife officials said they are keeping a hawk's eye vigil on the migratory birds in Sultanpur National Park because in winter such birds gather at the park.

"We urge the people that if they find any suspicion related to bird flu or any birds dead in their areas, then please report to the department immediately," said Divisional Wildlife Officer, R.P. Dangi.

Meanwhile, bird expert S.P. Gautam said this virus does not spread from birds to humans. Eggs and chickens need to be cooked and eaten at 70-degree temperature. Cooking at 70 degrees of temperature kills the virus. (IANS)

NS Desk

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