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Things To Consider Before Buying Chyawanprash

By NS Desk | Ayurveda News | Posted on :   16-Nov-2017

A renowned Ayurvedic jam, which is mostly sold in India for acquiring sound health and lifestyle. An ancient formula for a health supplement that helps an adult, kids, and elderly people to keep them fit and healthy, and various herbs are used in this jam but the main or base ingredient is amla, which is Indian gooseberry or Emblica Officinalis. Yes! it is Chywanprash.

It is an overall formula for a great mind and body. It also gives the rejuvenation effect and antioxidants to improve the immunity, memory, protection against diseases, infections, sexual life, give the stamina and vitality. However, various brands are available in the market, which is prepared after various experiments. Thus, it is often difficult to choose the best one for your health. As per the Charak Samhita, there are certain basic herbs in a certain quantity that are used in Chyawanprash. Hence, before buying it, do check the below-given authenticity.

• The traditional way of manufacturing the Chyawanprash is with amla and some quantity of sweetener. The sweetener can be raw honey but in modern technique, some manufacturers use sugar that to more than the specified quantity. However, the quantity of sugar should be half the quantity of amla because the classic taste of this jam should not be sweet, as we taste it today. Means, 3 kgs of honey or sugar should be added with 6 kgs of amla.

• The classic preservation of the chyawanprash should be 1 year and later on, its quality began to fall. However, if you find the product losing its quality after 6 months then try to purchase it newer pack within 2-3 months of packaging.

• Nowadays, some manufacturers use sweet potato in place of amla. Always remember amla is the base of this jam instead of sweet potato. Amla gives the richness of Vitamin C, which helps in maintaining weight. Conversely, sweet potato acts as a weight gain agent.

• The raw material or amla used in Chyawanprash should be collected in winters or pre-winter so that their alkaloid property remains intact. Nevertheless, to reduce the manufacturing cost and profit, some companies collect this amla throughout the year. Therefore, it is beneficial to buy it in the winters when the amla is available in the market.

• Moreover, the properly manufactured jam will be a magic paste, which means free from stickiness and water. To check the quality, take the little amount of Chyawanprash and try to press it with fingers, you can see the fingerprint on it. This the necessary feature of the well-cooked Chyawanprash.

Hence, before buying the Chyawanprash, you should consider these things for your health.

NS Desk

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