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Benefits of Herbs used in Chyawanprash

By NS Desk | Ayurveda News | Posted on :   22-Nov-2017

walk into any supermarket and you would find plenty of immunity boosting products and supplements. it is not easy, however, to know which of those is the right one for you. before taking any health supplement, it is good to do some research and find our about its effects on the body. let us help you understand such products right here. in winters, people tend to fall ill due to weak immunity. cold, cough, joint pain, dryness, weak immunity, weakness, etc. are the main symptoms that show up due to the weather. hence, to fight these common yet painful illnesses in winter, many people prefer chyawanprash. this ayurvedic dietary supplement that exists since the ancient time works as a rejuvenating agent as well as an anti-ageing agent.

in today’s hectic life, everyone wants to live a healthy life and gain a restorative body that can fight small illnesses that occur mostly in winters. that is why the well-known formula from the ancient time is still very useful these days. many people rush to the stores to buy chyawanprash just because they have only heard of its health benefits.

various herbs, gooseberry, cow ghee, honey, jaggery, ashwagandha, pippali, tulsi, saffron, arjun, neem, white sandalwood, cardamom, brahmi and many more are used to prepare this jam. the base is made up of amalika that is rich in vitamin c, which helps in prevention from diseases mostly occur in winters. in essence, it builds the immune system. each and every herb has its own benefit such as:

amla has the highest quantity of vitamin c and other minerals like phosphorus, calcium, carotene, vitamin b12 complex, and iron.

cow ghee contains vitamin d, a, and e, also it improves digestion and cure constipation

honey is a natural sweetener, which is rich in antioxidants and provides natural energy. mainly it reduces the risk of heart attack in winter.

jaggery is good for weight management and it also acts as a detoxifying agent that flushes out the toxins from the liver.

ashwagandha is popular medicine for balancing hormones and contains anti-oxidant property that can prevent a number of diseases. it also boosts immunity, anti-aging and prevents joint pain.

pippali or clove offers various benefits that include protection against cancer and controlling diabetes.

tulsi’s health benefit includes oral care, respiratory care, and treatment of fever, lung disorder, stress, and asthma.

saffron enhances immunity and energy level

arjun is used to treat cardiovascular conditions.

neem has various benefits but mostly it is used for an anti-inflammatory agent for nose, gums, and skin.

white sandalwood offers the benefits such as memory booster, relaxing and calming, anti-viral, antiseptic, effect, and brings the fair tone to the skin.

cardamom is sweet in nature that is why it pacifies the heartburn, irritable bowel syndrome, intestinal spasms, intestinal gas, gallbladder complaints, liver, and loss of appetite.

brahmi is a traditional medicine to enhance memory and always used as a general tonic.

all the above-mentioned herbs are the main ingredient of the chyawanprash but there are also other herbs used in the chyawanprash in an accurate ratio. it is not advisable to make this supplement at home as the specific quantity of herbs is required to maintain the vata, pitta, and kapha of the body.

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