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Govt Brings in Regulations for 'Ayurveda Aahara'

By NS Desk | Ayurveda News | Posted on :   13-May-2022

The Centre, with the 'Food Safety and Standards (Ayurveda Aahara) Regulations, 2022', has brought certain checks on Ayurveda Ahara, the food prepared in accordance with the recipes or ingredients or processes as described in the authoritative books of Ayurveda.

Among the important regulations is that the labeling cannot claim to cure or treat any human disease, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) said.

This is applicable to food business operators who would be required to formulate Ayurveda Aahara in accordance with the categories and requirements as mentioned in the Regulations.

"However, this Ayurveda Aahara cannot be manufactured for infants up to 24 months age," said an official from FSSAI about the Regulations put out in public domain by way of a notification late on Sunday night.

The government also clarified that packed food items used in day to day life for dietary purposes, such as pulses, rice, floor or vegetables etc. shall not be covered under this.

The Regulations also mention specific labeling and demand the manufacturer to use only that with specifications such as intended purpose, target consumer group and/or recommended duration etc.

It mentions a list of 32 additive items that are permitted in the Ayurveda Aahara. These include Guar Arabic/Acacia Gum, Konjac Flour, Jaggery, Mollasses, Paprika/Paprika Extract/Paprika Oleoresin and Caramel plain among others.

There are 71 authoritative books mentioned as part of the regulation, which also mentions the categories of Ayurveda Aahara and regulatory requirements. The Regulations also mention permissible contaminants and its maximum limits.
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