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Global Ayurveda Festival from 12 March, Scholars from more than 60 Countries will Attend

By NS Desk | Ayurveda News | Posted on :   17-Feb-2021

100 plus international scientists; 1000 research papers; 10,000 delegates from 60 countries!!

The 4th edition of the Global Ayurveda Festival (GAF 2021), to be held on the virtual platform from March 12 to 19 has evinced response far above expectations, superseding its previous episodes.  The event will have “more than 10,000 participants from sixty nations converging on Ayurveda, the Global Ayurveda Festival 2021 will be a milestone in the academic, research, industrial and commercial sectors”, says V. Muraleedharan, Organizing Committee Chair of the Global Ayurveda Festival and Union Minister of State for External Affairs and Parliamentary Affairs. Of the 2000 scientific papers received for presentations, the organizing committee –due to time and technical constraints - had to restrict live presentations to 650, picking another 500 in posters with equal prominence.

Internationally acclaimed researches on Ayurveda, like Dr. Daniel E. Fost (Professor of Medicine, University of California) Dr Christian Kessler (Charity University, Germany) Robert Schneider (Maharshi International University, USA), Dr Antonella Delifev MD (University of Milan); Dr. Valdis Pirax (University of Latvia) Philip Moss (University of Vienna), Ph.D. Dr Morton Bode (University of Amsterdam); Susan Shaw (New Zealand Vocal University); And foreign experts such as Large Louis Bera (Argentina) will be sharing their research experiments with the audience, with special emphasis in the post-COVID scenario.

The approach and initiatives of the Government of India will be deliberated by key researches and policy makers of the nation that include: Dr. B. Dr. M. Headhey (Former President, Indian National Academy of Sciences); Vaidya Rajesh Kotecha (Central AYUSH Secretary), Dr. Bhushan Patwardhan (Vice Chairman- UGC); Manoj Nesari ,Dr. DC Catoch (Advisors to the Ministry of AYUSH), Dr. KS Dhiman (Director, CCRAS, New Delhi), Jayant Deo Pujari (President,  CCIM ); Dr. Anoop B Thakur (Vice Chancellor, Gujarat Ayurveda University); Dr. Sanjeev Sharma (Director, NIA, Jaipur); Dr. Anoop Srivastava (Director, Rastriya Ayurveda Vidhyapith, Delhi), Dr. Tanuja Manoj Nesari (Director, AIIA,  Delhi); Dr. J L N Shastri (CEO, NMPB, Delhi), Dr. MRV Namboothiri (Formerly DAME, Kerala), Ranjith Puranik (Mumbai), Dr. Mohammad Majeed (Sami Labs), Anand Chaudhary (Banaras University) and Abhimanyu Kumar (former Director, AIIA, New Delhi) will also present research papers at the festival. 'GAF 2021 will undoubtedly be the largest virtual conference on Ayurveda', says Dr. G.G. Gangadharan, Secretary General, CISSA. ‘The 8 days Ayurveda Fest will debate on the research potential and business opportunities and scope for exports of Ayurveda products and services for 12 hours each day,’ he said.

The Global Ayurveda Meet is organized in collaboration with more than 30 organizations in the country from the Central and State Private Sectors and 14 organizations from abroad, including Led by the Center for Innovation in Science and Social Action (CISSA), the Ayurveda Medical Association of India (AMAI), the Ayurveda Hospital Management Association, the Ayurveda Drugs Manufacturers Association, and the Kisma-Self Financing Management Association, and The Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industries (FICCI) is the industry partner of the festival.

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NS Desk

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