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Cricket Star MS Dhoni is Getting Ayurvedic Treatment of Knee Pain

By NS Desk | Ayurveda News | Posted on :   02-Jul-2022

Ranchi: Cricket star Mahendra Singh Dhoni is troubled by knee pain these days and has turned to a doctor in his native place for treatment. This doctor attends his patients under a tree in a remote village in Ranchi. Vaidya Bandhan Singh Kharwar, who treats ailments with wild herbs, like all his patients, charged Dhoni Rs 40 for a single dose of medicine.

About 70 km from Ranchi, at Katingkela in Lapung police station area, Vaidya Bandhan Singh Kharwar has been treating patients for the last 28 years. He has a tarpaulin tent under a tree where Dhoni has been visiting him for last one month at an interval of four days to get a dose of his medicine. The medicine prepared by this Vaidya for the treatment of bone ailments is such that it cannot be carried home.

Before Dhoni, his parents were treated by this doctor. Vaidya Bandhan Singh Kherwar said that he did not initially recognise Dhoni's parents nor could he recognise Dhoni. He learnt of his famous patient only when the youths in the neighbourhood gathered around for photos with him.

Vaidya said that "Dhoni comes like a normal patient without any pomp. He has no pride in being a celebrity. However, now every four days, the news of Dhoni's arrival gathers his fans here. So now he sits in his car while his medicine is administered to him."
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NS Desk

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