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Minister of Mental Health and Addictions of Canada visits All India Institute of Ayurveda

By NS Desk | Ayurveda News | Posted on :   20-Jan-2023

Minister of Mental Health

Minister of Mental Health and Addictions of Ontario province recently visited the All India Institute of Ayurveda in Delhi and feels that propagation of Ayurveda in Canada can help ease the burden of hospitals in Canada as Ayurvedic therapies, principles and lifestyle can keep many diseases at bay. The Canadian delegation led by Mr. Michael Tibollo & Canada India Foundation (CIF) visited the All India Institute of Ayurveda (AIIA).

Impressed with the facilities of AIIA, Mr. Michael Tibollo said," The institute helped me to deepen my knowledge and understanding of the importance of East and West medicines and saw here the two can work together for the betterment of mankind. In Canada, we are much more focussed on quick results. Many times, we forget about prevention, education, and doing things that lead us to a better lifestyle. Many doctors over here shared their time with me today. They explained to me how interventions using ancient techniques that are tried and proven and have been around for millions of years can reduce the need for acute medicine and acute care in a hospital setting".

“With the help of the Canada India Foundation, we believe that the day is not far away when an institution propagating the knowledge of Ayurveda will be set up there in Canada. We are happy to share data-based evidence with Mr. Tibollo and wish that he can present it to the government over there", said Director, AIIA Professor (Dr) Tanuja Manoj Nesari during her meeting with the delegation.

The delegation took a round of the institute and hospital as well as laboratories and other facilities to understand the integrative model adopted by AIIA. The official delegation from Canada was also facilitated by the Ministry of Ayush. Director AIIA, New Delhi explained the functioning of different departments including the OPDs, the tertiary care unit, the academic block, and the research center of All India Institute of Ayurveda. A team from the All India Institute of Ayurveda also showcased the facilities around the academic and hospital wing of the institute before the delegation.

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