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Ayurvedic Doctor Deepali Pandya Got Ransom Threat Calls

By NS Desk | Ayurveda News | Posted on :   19-Jan-2021

Rajkot: A BAMS doctor Dr. Deepali Pandya, practicing in Jamnagar received the threat and the ransom calls from an unidentified person from Mumbai last week. Dr. Deepali Pandya, a resident of Hawai Chowk, filed an accusation at Jamnagar City B Division police station on Saturday evening.

Pandya told police that she received a call on January 13 morning from a man who identified himself as a police sub-inspector named Patil from Agripada police station. The man told Pandya that a patient Rizwana Sheikh, who took medicines from her 15 days back, is having a reaction.

He said that Sheikh’s blood sugar level has risen to 595 mg/dL and she has been admitted to the hospital. The man was going to the hospital and will call her again, he said on the call. Pandya was also told that Sheikh was in Mumbai for a relative’s wedding. An hour later, Pandya again received a call informing her that Sheikh had died and her father wants to file a police complaint.

Pandya was asked to talk to Sheikh’s father and pay him Rs 3 lakh to settle the case. However, when Pandya checked her records, no patient with the name Rizwana Sheikh had ever visited her clinic. (TOI)

NS Desk

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