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Ayurveda Business Opportunity In Health Sector

By Ram N Kumar | Ayurveda News | Posted on :   13-Oct-2017

Ayurveda is a rapidly growing industry that brings back the traditional way of medication in this alternative health sector. Thus, more and more people after realizing the importance of Ayurveda are interested in setting upon Ayurveda's business.

Ayurveda, the ancient path to wellness, is getting popular day by day. The reason is that it is regarded as 100 percent safe with little side effects, and it proven way of medication by ancient sages. This is the only reason wherein many youngsters are taking interest in the Ayurveda as a means of earning. As per Dr. Pooja Sabharwal who is a Ph.D. in Ayurveda treatment, she promotes Ayurveda for future treatment in many cases. She has done much research to bring out ayurvedic medicines for modern diseases. After looking at the need and scenario of the present time, various multi-billion-dollar global businesses are blooming in the market. This has changed the things over time and Ayurveda practice is truly world-class with the introduction of standard operating procedures and set up a stringent quality standard for Ayurveda medicine.

Modern practice in Ayurveda is gaining ground and the modern hospital is also starting this practice. Dr. G Geetha Krishnan started his Ayurveda practice at Medanta and he has catered to over 16000 patients in the last 5 years. Dr. Geetha Krishnan said Ayurveda in the modern medicine ecosystem can bring much-required trust and trials. Continued training of Ayurveda practitioners on the standard operating procedure for diagnosing, treatment, and increased use of technology at practice are factors that are eliminating the trust deficit between doctors and patients.

Here is information on essential requisites needed for setting up a successful Ayurveda business.

Identify Your Target Market

Identifying the target market is a requirement for any successful business. However, instead of thinking about how to market Ayurveda, you should think of effective ways to serve potential customers in the best possible way. Instead of talking to every person you meet about Ayurveda, try to discover a specific group of people who can benefit more from this alternative field of medicine.

Combine Sales With Initial Consultation

Once you have identified your target audience, make efforts to build up your website and make an online presence. Try incorporating your marketing strategies on the website. One example could be providing free initial consultation along with the first order.

Nabh Accreditation

Nabh accreditation board is actually a constituent body which has been established to operate accreditation programs for healthcare organizations. Thus, it is mandatory to receive Nabh accrediting for running an Ayurveda clinic or healthcare service.


Healthcare insurance is an evolving subject. However, Ayurveda finds little insurance coverage in the modern set up. Though there are some insurance programs, which include plans for covering the Ayurveda niche. Thus, it is always advisable to connect with a professional insurance firm to know more about Ayurveda insurance coverage.


Ayurvedic medicines have grown from just being antique medicines to popular science. However, as per Indian laws, it is not easy to patent ayurvedic medicines. Thus, the Government of India has made amendments to the patent laws in order to protect the interests of patent medicines.


Ayurveda as a business opportunity has many dimensions that need to be explored. From traditional ointments being only used by Vaids in the earlier times to modern medicines being manufactured by big brands, the Ayurveda business has definitely come a long way. Ayurveda is a vast subject with ample of business ventures. In fact, with much improvement in the medicinal world, more and more people are getting attracted to Ayurveda. These include a major percentage of those people who have suffered the side effects of allopathic medicines. Thus, venturing into the Ayurveda business is a trending concept nowadays. So, what are you waiting for? Make efforts and get your Ayurveda business all going.

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This article has been authored by Ram N Kumar, CEO, Nirogstreet.Com

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