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Argentina Federal Police to effectively use Yoga for stress management of its personnel

By NS Desk | Ayurveda News | Posted on :   11-Mar-2022

Argentina federal police will now effectively use technique of Yoga for stress management of its personnel. Though Yoga has been practiced in this part of globe for last several years, yet in last couple of year, interest in yoga and awareness in Indian culture has increased rapidly. Earlier Yoga and meditation were also taught in some Latin American jails to calm down the convicts.

Embassy of India in Argentina and University Institute of the Argentine Federal Police (IUPFA) will be jointly conducting a workshop on Yoga.

The general objective of this workshop will be to promote the practice of Yoga as a tool to develop physical, mental and emotional well-being, incorporating discipline techniques for stress management.

University Institute of the Argentine Federal Police students, faculty, graduates, and staff; students from the School of Cadets and the School of NCOs and Agents of the Argentine Federal Police can participate in this workshop.

The Ministry of Ayush has been striding forth with establishing the curative values of yoga and integrating yoga with various disciplines to reap societal benefits. Yoga can be of immense benefit to the armed and paramilitary forces.

Yoga is highly effective in enduring tolerance and proves to be immune-modulatory and also helps in augmenting stress hormones and neurotransmitters.

In India a customized yoga packages has been developed for army, air force and navy to tackle high altitude, hot desert and cold desert conditions and submarine and ship conditions.

According to various research, it has been found that āsanas and prānayāms have enabled its application in combating the stress in soldiers and promoting their psycho-physiological fitness.
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NS Desk

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