How to Increase Patients In The Clinic In India?


By NS Desk 25-Jul-2022

How to Increase Patients In The Clinic In India?

No matter where you live, in India or elsewhere, doctors are valued for their skills, knowledge, trust and communication.

According to one study, meaningful doctor-patient communication is a crucial clinical function in building a medical-patient therapeutic relationship and is the basis of the art of medicine.

The impact on medical care results is what defines the doctor-patient relation's importance. The quality of doctor-patient communication and their relationship strongly indicate quality medical care, which plays an essential role in providing general medicine with medical care.

Let us learn more about getting more patients with India’s biggest Ayurvedic doctors platform:

How NirogStreet's Partnership Program Helps Doctors With Potential Patients?

NirogStreet's partnership program seeks to increase the number of online consultations and community education for Ayurveda doctors. This program offers technical assistance, Virtual Inventory, and marketing support for your Ayurveda clinic. Live-streamed community learning and personal earning are the primary focus of the program.

Why Do I Need It?

  • Boosts Consultation: Especially Online
  • Enhances current practice
  • Cuts down on administrative cost
  • Cuts down courier charges and hassles
  • It makes your clinic technologically
  • advanced
  • Additional income

What Do I Get in This Program?

  • Visibility: Web Profile, Business listings, Your Virtual Business Card
  • Social Media Reach: Done-for-you Content
  • Exclusive Webinars: Clinical, Non-Clinical
  • VaidyaTool: Patient Management System
  • Recognition: Success Story, Webinar participation, Promotion in the largest
  • Community of doctors
  • Inventory of 1000+ Ayurvedic medicines from reputed brands
  • Free home delivery of medicines to you and your patients (Pan India)

Factor Given Below Are Help Increase Patients in Your Clinic

An effective marketing strategy has proven to be a critical factor in your clinic's long-term results and sustained growth. These healthcare clinic marketing methods have achieved success in the current time.

Get Yourself A Mobile Friendly Website

How does a mobile-friendly website function? Well! There are several factors that makes your website mobile friendly i,e. 

  • Pagespeed insights: tracking overall page speed on mobile and desktop however, it suggest improvements as well.
  • Mobile-Friendly Test: shows website’s mobile friendly nature in ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.
  • Test My Site: Evaluating your website for mobile and desktop devices.

A mobile-friendly web site works on all devices and displays well on them, including tablets. Most people visiting your website will abandon it if they can't find their desired content quickly.

Social Media is The Power

Becomig active on Social media can bring thousands or even tens of millions of eyes to updates, educational content, marketing campaigns, and other important information. Social media can be an essential driver of patient acquisition and retention of existing ones.

  • Being an active doctor on social media:
  • Enhance patient engagement by allowing you to have conversations that you might not usually have with your patients
  • Continue activation scale your reach and exposure will increase 
  • Optimize your search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Building your online reputation
  • Encourage team-building among your clinic or hospital staff

Build Authentic Relationships

Although inter-personal relationships skills are important, they depend on the context where communication takes place. Consultations may not be relevant to them.

Organizations can develop and sustain strong, long-lasting relationships with their patients. This will allow them to anticipate patient needs better and provide proactive care that results in better health outcomes and a better customer experience.

Ask Successfully Treated Patients For Reviews

Your exceptional services should be made known to the public through patient feedback. This will help you understand your work's strengths and weaknesses and increase your organic impact on potential clients. Patients who have a positive experience at your clinic because of your consultation and treatment will be more likely to share that with their friends and families.

  • Ask your patients to review the given services
  • Send them a survey form regarding improvements
  • Ask them to suggest what is missing or your expectation of medical services

Join Communities

For doctors who have most of their customers or patients in their community, it's vital for them and others to create a sense of community within the area and communicate with each other more deeply. 

However, the NirogStreet app has numerous communities formed by expert Ayurvedic doctors from across the country, which you can join to be a part of. Also, you can make your community of doctors. This could prove highly rewarding as it allows you to grow your reach both offline and online.

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Question)

Q. How can I get more patients in my clinic in India?
Online reviews are an effective way to draw new patients and expand your practice. Encourage patients to write reviews online. You can encourage your patients to share their feedback online by sending them a follow-up message thanking them for their visit.

Q. How can I grow my clinic?
Patient Feedback And Reviews. Feedback from patients is a key component in getting your extraordinary services out to the public. Take networking seriously. Your web presence can be improved. Make use of social media.

Q. How do I promote my clinic on Google?
Go to the link: and start a Google MyBusiness account. Overview, Business Profile, Website buttons. Click on overview to begin. Click on overview to enter the name of the clinic.

Q. Do doctors have their own Google?
Doctors are increasingly using online search engines to find information. 68% use Google most frequently, and more than half do so at least once daily for professional purposes. The most frequent searchers among doctors are the oncologists, and 45% use search engines at least four times daily.

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Disclaimer - The aim of the article is just to convey information to you. Use any medicine, therapy, herb or fruit please do it under the guidance of a qualified Ayurveda doctor.